U People is an award winning 2008 documentary documenting the filming of what would the the first lesbian centered music video by a local Brooklyn artist named Hanifah Walidah. The cast and crew was a blended force of lesbian, straight women, queer and transmen working together in a Bed-Stuy Brownstown one spring weekend in 2006. Both the music video and film debuted on Logo in 2008 but the U People documentary would go on to receive critical acclaim and become standard viewing within college cirriculmns and the private lives of a generation of black and queer people. 

2018, marks the 10th anniversary of U People. To celebrate U People producer and director Hanifah Walidah teams with poet and U People alumn cast and crew member Red Summer to create Y aGay Aunties. Both Gen-xers hoping to bring the same love and humor presented in the film to a new generation navigating life and love within queer identities. 

Ya gay Aunties podcast can be heard here on U PeopleMedia and on Itunes and Stitcher radio. 

Inquiries: hw@seoimagine.co