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What is Ya Gay Aunties Podcast?

Ya Gay Aunties is a bi-weekly live show and podcast that debuted in Fall 2018 that focuses on real talk about queer adulting. Hanifah was beginning to notice that her own generation (Gen X) of queer people were not reaching out or mentoring millennials to the same degree Baby Boomers had mentored Gen Xers. It became clear to her that a cross generation divide within the queer community was widening and with it a breakdown in communication.  Hanifah and Red set out to correct this.

The show offers straight-no-chaser, loving advice and historical perspective for the lives of young queer people coming of age and adulthood. Nearing their 100th episode, well over 100 consistent five star ratings and reviews on Itunes and over 3,000 engaged followers on Instagram.

You can listen to clips from the show on Instagram: @yagayaunties or listen to full episodes wherever you listen to podcasts.

Who are Ya Gay Aunties?

Hanifah Walidah
Rockstar, Playwright, Filmmaker and Educator

Hanifah's career started in the early 90's as rapper Sha-Key. Soon after coming out she moved into theater and exploring different genre bands (Brooklyn Funk Essentials and St.Lo). 

Her 2003 play Black Folks Guide to Black was heralded in the Boston Globe and SF Guardian and connected her with Ntozake Shange who became a mentor and friend.

In 2006 her award-winning documentary U People which captured the candid behind-the scenes moments and conversations of straight and queer people of color on set of a pioneering music shoot. Along with receiving several awards both domestic and international, U People was also the first queer film screened at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee.

Learn more about Hanifah Walidah here.

Red Summer

Writer, Filmmaker, Curator, Educator

Red Summer is an Artist, Writer, Educator and Museum Curator based in Washington, DC. Her documentary film Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta's Gay Mecca was screened in 9 countries and earned her an honorary doctorate degree. 

Red has toured colleges and Pride festivals with her Spoken Word, 2 poetry books and writing workshops. She is the co-star of a podcast called Ya Gay Aunties where she and Hanifah Walidah respond to letters, asking for advice, from younger LGBT folks from around the world. 

Learn more about Red Summer here.