Dating vs. Diving

Red and Hanifah are back this week with a Kulture Review of artist Mama Duke from Texas. They also answer a letter about what dating is supposed to look like, and if it’s possible to date multiple people without getting too attached emotionally.

Episode 71 Show Notes

1:30 “… in your good gay life.” Auntie Red starts the show talking about this months upcoming Sunday Brunch Guests and what she’s been up to with the Hip-Hop Museum

3:00 “The Funky Four, plus one more” Auntie Red and Auntie Hanifah drop a little hip-hop history

6:30 “She’s definitely a vibe” Auntie Hanifah starts off her thoughts on this episode’s Auntie Kulture Review (Unsigned rapper Mama Duke out of Texas)

20:00 “Cuz my momma said” Auntie Red follows up with her thoughts on the Kulture Review artist and how your upbringing can affect the fluidity of your art or life’s work.

24:00 “How to support Ya Aunties” Auntie Hanifah reminds us of the different ways you can support the show at

26:45 “Eventually you have to choose… right?” The Aunties respond to a letter from “Lotus” who asks about their thoughts on dating and the different dating/relationship models

30:00“Getting to know myself in the context of someone else.” Auntie Hanifah talks about how she approaches the idea of dating

34:30 “It sounds… complicated.” Auntie Red schools us how to navigate spaces where you’re dating more than one person

40:00 “We like to dive, and do back strokes…” Auntie Hanifah address the lesbian stereotype of Uhauling and the importance of not falling too hard, too fast, when casually dating.

44:50 “That sounds like a waste of time” Auntie Red speaks on people who date for long periods of time

47:15 “Be present with that” Auntie Hanifah talks about it being important to be aware and ready to receive the experiences that dating offers

56:15 “If you have things that you’re pondering about in this new adult life” The Aunties are always ready to answer your questions. Write them a letter and send it to or on Instagram @YaGayAunties

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