Get the Devil Out Ya fridge!

Red and Hanifah are back this week discussing two letters about the journey of coming out in a heavily religious family, and living your gay life unapologetically.

Episode 73 Show Notes

1:00 “Friends in loving places” The Aunties catch up on what’s been going on with them.

5:15 “You can speak on it” Auntie Red and Hanifah tell listeners about the new spoken letter feature available for those who can’t find time to write. Check it out via the link in the instagram bio @yagayaunties

7:15 “An exercise in liberation” Auntie Red reads the first letter from “Kid” asking about coming out to family that you’re still dependent on.

10:50 “Get some money in your pocket” Auntie Red and Hanifah weigh in on the process of preparing to come out to family who may not support you in standing in your truth.

13:35 “Those two can’t live in the same place.” Auntie Red talks about realizing that it’s time to step into adulthood (regardless of sexual orientation) and the importance of finding resources in your hometown that help to keep yourself safe and supported.

17:40 “Do NOT walk and chew gum at the same time.” Auntie Hanifah cautions young queer “Kid”s on not moving straight out of your parents house and into a living space with a partner.

20:00 “Your safety is the most important thing.” The Aunties speak on coming out when you’re actually ready and not feeling any pressure to do so, before your ducks are in a row.

28:28 “Give what you can, when you have it” Auntie Hanifah reminds us of the different ways listeners can support the podcast via Auntie Red reminds us that the Merch Store for Ya Gay Aunties is live! Link in the Instagram bio @yagayaunties

34:10 A letter from “Sonic Boom” Auntie Hanifah reads the second letter from a self proclaimed late bloomer and PK (Preachers Kid) asking for advice on family accepting her and her partner.

38:30 “Ain’t no shame, girl.” Red gives a word on being yourself unapologetically when introducing your partner and your relationship to family.

41:00 “Shame is for others to hold” Hanifah discusses shame and how it manifests in our own bodies.

42:40 “Pass the peas like we used to do” Red talks about walking into family situations with confidence and avoiding being apologetic about the way you live your life.

49:50 “You and yours” Red and Hanifah talk about the responsibilities we have around making sure your partner is in a safe space above potential desires to continue communication with family that is disrespectful to you or your relationship.

52:00 “The Bible says a lot of things.” Hanifah touches on people using their love for God to not love and accept you.

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