Getting Your Head Right for The Holidays w/Dr. LaNail Plummer

What’s discussed in Ep63 (timestamps forthcoming)

Red and Hanifah welcome Dr. LaNail Plummer to Sunday Brunch. We . go into detail on how to navigate the holidays at the gay one in the faily. Whether you have a family who is accepting but awkward, somewhat accepting to unaccepting or dangerous. Dr. Plummer provides tips and resources to address mental health during the holidays.

Finding the courage to go to therapy
Being accessible as a therapist
Family navigation during the holiday
Thoughts on Robyn Crawford’s coming out process
Coming out to family.
Having an exit strategy for unsafe family situations
Using the five senses to boost healing and body awareness
The importance presenting yourself authentically

How to get in touch with Onyx Therapy Group:
They’re certified in Teletherapy

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