Heaven On Earth

Hanifah and Red are back this week with another “Kulture Review,” for artist Felisha George, and they answer a question about navigating their relationship with death and the afterlife as queer women.

Episode 68 Show Notes:

2:05 “So what’s been goin’ on with you?” Auntie Red and Hanifah catch up on life.

4:45 “I was able to put the music on, and just let it play…” Auntie Red kicks off the Auntie Kulture Review for this week featuring hip hop artist Felisha George and her new album “Wash Your Soul”.

8:00 “I saw MYSELF as a young person” Auntie Hanifah responds with her review of both the artist and the album.

13:00 “I went to her website…” The Aunties speak from years of experience in the entertainment arena, on the importance of putting effort (and a good agent) behind creating an image

31:10 “If I can teach anything in the world, I can teach that” Hanifah and Red give notes and insight on stage presence and live performance.

36:30 “In order to keep this train goin’…” Hanifah and Red remind us of all the ways that folks can support the podcast at www.patreon.com/yagayaunties #AuntieLove #SundayBrunch #UPeopleRockumentary

39:00 “How to get to Hell” The Aunties read their letter for the week from listener TC

45:30 “Church is business, and businesses need customers.” Auntie Red gives her thoughts on organized religion

47:50 “Well how long am I gonna have to be around these rolling green hills” Auntie Hanifah talks about the ideology surrounding death and what comes after

51:45 “Wasting your life fearing death is to die now” Auntie Red drops knowledge about living for the here and now, and doing our best not to fixate on the inevitable.

58:40 None of us know what that is. But what we do know is…” Red and Hanifah wrap up with well wishes and affirmation of the human experience.

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