Hanifah Walidah is a musician, filmmaker, curator, content producer and educator. Her rich 25 year career has taken an ethnographic (story based) approach to the arts and social change. Her more recent projects are the feature length award winning rockumentary U People, podcast Ya Gay Aunties and art installation project Bloom, Aint I A Flower (Atlanta Spring 2020). Please review these and upcoming work below.

U People Rockumentary

And Spring 2006, Hanifah produced, wrote and directed a film short masquerading as a music video for her single “Make a Move”. This video would be a first of its kind that depicted gay women of color in a celebratory, complex and witty manner. It debuted on LOGO’s New Now Next and then the Click List at #6. It still remains on the countdown. From "Make A Move, the more so heralded documentary entitled U People, which features the behind the scene discussions, intimate moments, and operations of that all women of color video. U People was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Most Outstanding Documentary, is currently seen on the cable channel LOGO and was awarded the Jury Prize at the Image+Nation Film Festival and Audience Award at the Paris de Feminist Film Festival. She is currently editing an amazing 2006 interview with Ntozake Shange about love, art and legacy.

Ya Gay Aunties Podcast

Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast that debuted in Fall 2018 that focuses on real talk about queer adulting. Hanifah was beginning to notice that her own generation (Gen X) of queer people were not reaching out or mentoring Millennials to the same degree Baby Boomers had mentored Gen Xers. It became clear to her that a cross generation divide within the queer community was widening and with it a breakdown in communication.  Hanifah and Red set out to correct this.

The show offers no BS but loving advice and historical perspective on the lives of young people coming of age and adulthood. Having just surpassed their 50th Episode, the YGA Podcast has over 100 consistent five star ratings and reviews on Itunes and over 2,000 engaged followers on Instagram.

You can listen to clips from the show on Instagram: @yagayaunties or listen to full episodes on Itunes.

Bloom, Aint I a Flower?

Bloom (ain't I a flower?) is a photography exhibition and installation planned for Spring 2020 in Atlanta, GA. With the use of  costume and make-up design we transform black women and girls into life-size dandelion flowers. We place them in situations and locations around Metro Atlanta that collectively create a narrative. Every photo will be inspired and accompanied by the oral history and interviews of Black women who live in Atlanta. This project is in collaboration with Atlanta based visual artists. 

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