I Want Juice w/ Angie Harvey

Hanifah and Red are back with the first Sunday Brunch Episode of the year! They are joined by special guest, relationship guru Angie Harvey; discussing the real meaning of being “grown” and answering a letter about past dating experiences affecting future dating experiences.

Episode 70 Show Notes

1:30 “The One and Only…” Auntie Red starts this week’s Sunday Brunch episode by introducing Angie Harvey of AngieHarveySpeaks.com

8:40 “Anything that’s not growing is dead” Angie Harvey talks about being “grown”

11:30 “We just have to grow there to get it” Honorary Auntie Angie talks about growth requiring us to trust ourselves

22:00 “Just stay still and LISTEN.” Auntie Hanifah talks about taking time to listen to your spiritual guides.

23:00 “I didn’t say nobody hit me…” Angie Harvey talks about giving ourselves permission to admit that we’ve gone through something traumatic

33:30 “What you have, when you have it” Auntie Hanifah reminds us of the three different tiers available to support Ya Gay Aunties on www.Patreon.com/yagayaunties

36:35 A letter from Amanda: Auntie Red reads our first letter about past dating experiences affecting future relationships

38:30 “Put me in coach!” Auntie Angie responds to Amanda’s letter speaking on valuing yourself first.

42:30 “That was before and beyond you” Auntie Hanifah weighs in on not taking on someone else’s past experiences and caring for ourselves as an avenue for reclaiming your confidence.

48:50 “Pay attention to what is social and what is habitual” Auntie Red speaks on allowing substance abuse disguised as social interaction and the importance of removing ourselves from toxic situations.

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