Please read through everything before our scheduled recording.

Ya Gay Aunties is recorded remotely using Skype ad Ecamm Live, streaming live to Youtube. The only one of these three you need to concern yourself with is SKYPE.  It’s very similar to many other video conferencing chat rooms you’ve used.  

Below is a review of what equipment is needed for your recording location and the recording process. 

Equipment Checklist
Your will need at minimum, the following:

  1. If you don't have Skype, you can download it for free here.
    (available for both PC and Macs)
  2. Strong wifi or direct internet line.
  3. Headphones
  4. The internal microphone on your laptop should work fine and below are some alternative micing options:
    • a USB microphone that you can plug right in the side of the laptop. This would be the most comfortable set up if more than one person is in the same room talking.
    • The microphone embedded inside of certain headphones. 
    • You prefer that you not SKYPE IN with your phone. 

A Sound Friendly Room is IMPORTANT!!

  • The smaller the better 
  • Please tell family or friends that you should not be disturbed (unless an emergency) during the time of the recording. We usually end around 2pm. 
  • The warmer the better (Furnished, surrounded by soft objects like pillows, clothes)
  • IF, you have it, bedrooms or walk-in closets are amazing (I mean if you don't mind going back in the closet lol!)
  • Close all windows and curtains
  • Flat walls and cold rooms (bathrooms, sterile offices and huge rooms) are the enemy 🙁

Below is an example of a cold vs warm room.
EPISDE 66 is what a cold room will do ya. (9:35)
EPISODE 57 is what a warmer room will sound like (8:55)

Remote recording is not a perfect science, so we have to support it in supporting us. Regardless, please reserve some patience for the unexpected. 😀

Day of Recording

Sunday afternoon at 12:50pm, please turn on your Skype and make sure your account is active.  Please check to make sure you accepted the invite from Hanifah Walidah R (ie Auntie Hanifah). We will email you the invite, if you don't see it in your Skype account before hand in you Notifications.

Please make sure both your laptop camera and microphone is active. If you haven't used Skype before or in sometime, Skype may prompt you to allow it to access your microphone and camera. Please click "Allow" for both or either prompts before the scheduled recording time. 

When we are ready on our end, you will receive a group video skype call. Please accept. 

After we check levels, then we will go live. 

We will send you the You Tube Go Live link before hand to share with whomever. Please share privately via email or text and do not publish on your website or social media.