Sunday Brunch Pride Show w/ OH BOI Contest Winner Mabell Holand

Red and Hanifah are back this week with a special show celebrating the OH Boi contest participants and they are joined by the winner of the contest: writer, activist, and poet Mabell Holand. They discuss current events, and answer a letter about how to support your Black partner in an interracial relationship, specially during times of racial tension and unrest.

This is the last episode until August!! The Aunties are taking a break for July but be sure to check our Instagram and Twitter for updates!In the meantime, stay safe, and surround yourselves with love.

Show Credits

CoHost, Show Content Production: Red Summer

Host, Executive Producer: Hanifah Walidah

Audio/Visual Editing and Production: Kierra Burke

Social Media Correspondence: Latoya Sinclaire

Show Scripting and Notation: Lauren Baker

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