Sunday Brunch w/ The Family

Hanifah and Red are back for a brand new Sunday Brunch with special guests Mom and Daughter Lateesha and Lauren, discussing acceptance, and how to be supportive of your queer family.

Episode 74 Show Notes
Intro: Hanifah and Red welcome mom and daughter Lateesha and Lauren who walk us through their journey of love, acceptance and all the ways family can show up for each other.

1:15 “Risks in life”, “new things”, and “family” The Aunties start off this months Sunday Brunch with telling listeners about new developments for the show and introduces this episode’s Mom and Daughter duo guests Lauren and

5:50 “Worry about what’s over THERE.” Mom starts off by talking about being on the receiving end of a coming out experience as a mom.

14:35 “Not my baby” Red talks about advocacy in school for queer youth and how having support at home for you people makes all the difference.

21:00 “Generational Curses and Life lessons”
Mom Latisha speaks on how important it was for her to give space for her daughter and all of her friends to be themselves

20: “about last week” The Aunties five back into a letter they addressed last week from listener “Kid” that was struggling with the desire to come out to family members that had down third disdain for people who are LGBT

23:05 “It shows in the way that you love other people” Lauren weighs in on how she thinks queer folks should deal with family that’s not accepting to your lifestyle

31:10 “Just love ‘em.” The Aunties solicit mom Latisha’s advice directed at parents of queer people.

37:00 “Is Coming out still relevant?” Red asks Lauren to speak from her generational perspective on the attitude around the idea of coming out.

41:35 “Gay for pay” The aunties and guests explain the issue of only being “gay” for a while because it’s what’s popular.

51:05 “Auntie Support and Auntie Swag” The Aunties remind listeners about the many ways that they can support the show. Check out the links on the ig bio @yagayaunties and via

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