The Gift with Dr. Lakara Foster

Happy Holidays! Red and Hanifah welcome Dr. Lakara Foster this week, where she discusses her work, how she came into her gift, and how you can tap into yours.

Time Stamp:

6:30 “… For those who aren’t familiar with Dr Foster’s work…” Red introduces this weeks’ Sunday Brunch Guest Dr. Lakara Foster

14:40 “Your Blackness AND your queerness” Hanifah delves into the intersectionality of black queer spirituality

19:15 “So much of things that people are struggling with is not even their shit.” Red and Dr. Foster tackle the issues in belief of the spiritual and super natural

21:25 “You so busy focusing on what he doin’… you can’t be operating in your gift” Dr. Foster opens up conversation with the Aunties on Dwayne Wade and his parenting decisions.

27:05 “Grief is a thief” Dr. Foster on how sharing her gift as a medium helps people free themselves

34:55 **Hanifah talks about how you can support Ya Gay Aunties via (Auntie Love, Sunday Bruch, UPeople rockumentary)

36:45 “I don’t have any control over who comes through” Red and Hanifah begin their medium experience with Dr. Foster

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