Thee Great Broke Hoe of the Family

Hanifah and Red are back with a Kulture Review of Chicago Hip-Hop duo Mother Nature; they also answer a letter about dating and financial responsibility.

Episode 73 Show Notes

1:55 “Girl, I’m exhausted…” The Aunties start the show addressing Snoop’s ill placed remarks about Queens Oprah and Gayle, the worst Black History Month ever, driving in Hotlanta, the passing of Kobe Bryant and using these unfortunate life events as a catalyst for essential conversations with our youth.

13:30 “Chitown stand up!” The Aunties give another Kulture Review. This week they speak on the hip hop duo Mother Nature out of Chicago.

16:15 “Run it up” Auntie Red comments on how she enjoyed lyrical content that this group has to offer. Auntie Hanifah speaks on how she loved the duo’s style and bravado.

20:05 “Pressure” Auntie Hanifah talks about the switch up of the energy between the two videos. Red talks about the complexity of artists like Oshun and Mother Nature and having the palate to hear the similarities and differences.

27:30 “If all else fails in America, Europe will always have you” Red and Hanifah talk briefly about traveling outside of the US as artists.

29:55 “Tiers! For the years!” Auntie Hanifah reminds us of the different ways that listeners can support the show on #NewMerchAlert link for the new Auntie Swag in the instagram bio @yagayaunties

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34:50 “Financial Responsibilities” Auntie Red reads a letter from “The Great Broke Hoe from Omaha, Nebraska” ? about money management in relationships.

36:15 “Completely different tax brackets…” Auntie Red and Hanifah talks about the importance of getting real about determining how money moves for each person in the relationship.

43:15 “Your emotional relationship with money” The Aunties talk about how emotions play into finding your financial role in your relationship

56:05 The Aunties wrap up the show with a word on commitment and a quick preview on this month’s Sunday Brunch guests.

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