YGA w/ Be Steadwell

Aunties Hanifah and Red return from break and roll right into Season 3 with guest singer-songwriter Be Steadwell singing 2 songs from her new album Succulent. They debut new segments to the show like Follow Me, where they feature content from the pages of their IG Followers. They also introduce a new 2 hour format and the YGA Post Show filled with live performances, Letters from the Chilren and more.

Season 3, Episode 91 Highlights

:55 If you’re new to YGA Live? Just imagine you’re chillin, sipping and dishing tea with that auntie you thought was your uncle til you was 3.

3:13 Newest Patreon member Brasil Remani.

4:45 Red and Hanifah catch and talk about what they did over break.
Red caught a shark
Hanifah had a reflect-tation.

9:30 Florida, don’t spread your mess.

10:45 Auntie Hanifah’s Bowties
@bowtie_behaviour : Queer Bowtie Brands

14:30 New segment in the show called Follow Me
Red select a YGA IG follower and feature a post from their page.
The first Follow me is @2pacdaughter_ on IG.

19:00 Auntie Bag of Gems
Auntie Red talks about some of the first black queer images seen in the 80s; Watermelon Woman and The Women of Brewster Place.

26:50 Auntie Hanifah’s Gem
The Keepers @followthekeepers: An archive for the contribution of women to hip hop.A vintage video of Auntie Hanifah when she was a young MC by the name of Sha-Key

34:30 Break
Hanifah and Red begin to Break down their new Patreon Tiers; starting with Auntie Stand which is only $1 for exclusive access to the YGA Post Show in 2021.

40:15 Ya Gay Aunties’welcome Be Steadwell

58:20 The YGA Post Show Begins

60:00 Be Steadwell performs Fuckboi live.

1:07:30 Be Steadwell performs Don’t Be Afraid live

1:14:30 Be Steadwell talks about working with Toshi Reagon.

1:18:00 Be breaks down

1:18:45 Letters from the Children

1:34:00 One Meditative Moment
Ya Gay Aunties Episode 80(something)

1:37:00 Auntie, I Just Got One Question.

Guest Be Steadwell
@besteadwell Bandcamp, Instagram


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Host, Executive Producer: Hanifah Walidah

Producer/ Audio Production: Kierra Burke

Visual Production: Mionne Destiny

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