Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast with Gen-Xers Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer bridging the generations by talking shit and lovingly supporting the queer adulting process.

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Episode 31: Whatyoutalkembout Jussie?!
Red and Hanifah try to make sense of the Jussie Smollet fiasco, and the tensions between ATL natives and NYC[...]
Episode 30: Letters from the Chillren
Hanifah and Red answer a couple letters from the Chillren! Support the podcast: Patreon.com/yagayaunties Email Ya Gay Aunties: yagayaunties@gmail.om
Episode 29: Looking Life in the Eyes and Seeing It Through
Hanifah and Red welcome Nicole Junior and Imani Grant from Weekend Soiree. Nicole's tells her story of becoming a NYC[...]
Episode 28: Special guests Queer WOC Podcast hosts
Hanifah and Red welcome Nikeeta and Monie from Queer WOC Podcast to talk some cross generational shit and answer letters.[...]
Episode 27: Yo Bish is My Bish. Weez Bishes!
Another week of queer complicated shit to talk about, Red and Hanifah the jealousy that happens in a relationship with[...]
Episode 26: Surviving Black People Surviving R Kelly
Hanifah and Red ad their nickel to the R Kelley discussion by highlighting all the ways black folks are discussing[...]