Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast with Gen-Xers Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer bridging the generations by talking shit and lovingly supporting the queer adulting process.

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Episode 24: The Great U Haul Episode
Hanifah and Red attempt to break the damaging cycle among lesbians both young and old. They breakdown 9 reasons when[...]
Episode 23: What’s in it for them tho?
This episode Red and Hanifah answer two "Letters from the Chillren" and explore issues with open relationships and the trials[...]
Episode 22: Vote Ya Bish
We are less than a month a way from one of the most important elections of a generation, only second[...]
Episode 21: Loving through your 20s, 30s and 40s
Episode 21 goes in! Hanifah and Red reflect on their relationships through the years and how their attitudes toward it[...]
Episode 20: Choice vs Born This Way vs WTF We Doing
This week Red and Hanifah are all over the place! They talk about everything from lesbians marrying men to older[...]
Episode 19 – Interracial Dating Dilemma
This week Red and Hanifah answer 2 letters from the chillren. The first is about survivor's remorse, when you're living[...]