Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast with Gen-Xers Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer bridging the generations by talking shit and lovingly supporting the queer adulting process.

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YGA w/ Be Steadwell
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-91-ya-gay-aunties-w-be-steadwell Aunties Hanifah and Red return from break and roll right into Season 3 with guest singer-songwriter Be Steadwell singing[...]
Sunday Brunch Pride Show w/ OH BOI Contest Winner Mabell Holand
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-90-sunday-brunch-pride-show-w-oh-boi-contest-winner-mabell-holand Red and Hanifah are back this week with a special show celebrating the OH Boi contest participants and they[...]
Queer Woc Pod Takeover!!
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-89-queer-woc-pod-takeover This week Queer Woc Pod is taking over Ya Gay Aunties! They discuss Black skater and image activist Courtney[...]
Diggin For Gems w/ Queer Woc Pod
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-88-diggin-for-gems-w-queer-woc-pod/s-ed5Sibi8vXc Red and Hanifah are back this week with guest hosts Queer Woc Pod! They share a collection of gems[...]
We See You Chrissy, Karen, and Jake
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-87-we-see-you-chrissy-karen-and-jake/s-qYNS4J0FSjw Hanifah and Red are back this week with a very special bag of gems, and they discuss the ongoing[...]
Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds w/ Onyx Keesha
https://soundcloud.com/yagayaunties/episode-86-nobody-wins-when-the-family-feuds Red and Hanifah are back this week sharing gems about Gay Marriage, and meditation with a side of Toni[...]