Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast with Gen-Xers Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer bridging the generations by talking shit and lovingly supporting the queer adulting process.

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Episode 38: Letters from the Homecoming
Still swooning from watching Homecoming on Netflix, Red and Hanifah go in about the magnificence that is #queenB and then[...]
Episode 37: The First Time
Hanifah and Red reflect on their first time(s) and the hilarity and truths found in those memories. YGA Online: IG:[...]
Episode 35: The Great Bean Pie Challenge
Red and Hanifah go in on some damn bean pies and argue why they are better than sweet potato pie.[...]
Episode 34: Maddy Magic
Hanifah and Red are back from a short break and some how go from looking at the moon, human overpopulation,[...]
Episode 33: House of Nada
Red and Hanifah tackle fashion cracka madness and get at the root of creative momentum when answering a letter from[...]
Episode 32: Grown Folks Fckin with Marla Stewart
Red and Hanifah welcome Marla Stewart from Velvet lips and Sex Down South. Together they go in about how to[...]