Ya Gay Aunties is a weekly podcast with Gen-Xers Hanifah Walidah and Red Summer bridging the generations by talking shit and lovingly supporting the queer adulting process.

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Episode 48: I’m in Love With My Straight-ish Best Friend
Red and Hanifah answer a letter from the chillren about falling in love with your straight-ish best friend. We also[...]
Episode 47: Talking About U People
After going in about women's sports and the transphobic BS that went down at this year's World Pride at the[...]
Episode 46: Breakup to Makeup
Breaking up is hard to do, but if ya gotta do it, do it the right way. Hanifah and Red[...]
Episode 45: Reproductive Justice for All
Ya Gay Aunties welcome Executive Director of Sister Song, Monica Raye Simpson to unpack Reproductive Justice for ervbody! Whether your[...]
Episode 44: Stop Peeing in the Pool
Episode 44, Hanifah and Red answer a letter about types and how to find new ones. Ya Gay Aunties Online[...]
Episode 43: Is this a date?
Red take extra time today to answer two letters from the chillren. Ya Gay Aunties Online IG: @yagayaunties Email us[...]